The construction industry is one industry that requires high quality workmanship and use of material and products that can stand the test of time. Shoddy work and use of low quality products will not only ruin the reputation of the contractor, but can also result in dangerous situations involving injuries and loss of life. With the use of reliable steel products in this sector, construction becomes quick and simple, with shorter time frames. There are a number of advantages associated with the use of quality steel in the construction sector for all stakeholders, from the contractor to the end-clients, stemming from successful projects.

One such advantage is the fact that steel has inherent strength even when modified, which is well-suited for architectural and design flexibility. This allows long spans and curves to be easily incorporated into functional designs. Steel is also durable and safe. Its resistance to fire, corrosion and pests also endears steel to most construction workers and clients looking for solid structures and dependable project outcomes.

It’s no surprise that steel-framed buildings are fast becoming the first choice for projects in extreme environmental conditions. Steel does not require treatment with pesticides, preservatives or glues and as such it is safer for people handling it or working around it.  Steel products are also environmentally friendly, in keeping with the “green” theme. Steel framing is light, lasts longer and is easy to transport while creating minimal raw materials waste as at the end of its long life. Of course steel is fully recyclable and produces less scrap than wood.

For all your building and construction projects, steel offers natural advantages including the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. Dependable steel also provides consistent material quality – this is due to the fact that it is produced in strict accordance with national standards, leaving no room for variance in quality. Steel basically provides for simplified foundations, straighter walls, square corners, and allows doors to open and close firmly. Steel products do not twist or warp and can be easily disassembled for repairs or alterations. Steel products have a slower ageing process and come with very low maintenance.What is more, steel products usually have an enhanced resale value.

These are some of the basic and sophisticated advantages of steel in the construction industry and as far as various applications are concerned. Many of these are often taken for granted, but using steel – especially the right steel – will see projects successfully and efficiently completed. Contact Genesis Steel today for quality steel and steel products or visit us online for more information on our offering.