Building your own home or other large structure is certainly an exciting time, although with so many options to choose from in terms of construction materials this can often be a daunting process. So allow Genesis Steel to assist you with insight on why you should want to use particular structural steel and materials – and what you should aim for in terms of quality as well as cost-effectiveness.

Strength versus weight

As you have most probably figured out by now, a good structural material must have the characteristics of being both strong and as light as possible. These materials are going to be holding up massive amounts of weight while still maintaining shape, rigidity and strength under duress. For example, you can’t expect timber to hold up metal beams and concrete as it will likely collapse. Similarly, you don’t necessarily want to hold up a wooden roof with structural steel I-beams as this much strength is unnecessary and will both cost more as well as cause redundant weight on other parts of the structure.

Lifespan and sustainability

The next consideration you need to make is how long the structural steel or materials will last and if they can be recycled or reused in the future. This is an important decision in our modern world, in which recycling is becoming a large factor, but will also ensure that your project will maintain the necessary strength throughout its lifespan.

Resistance to external damage

Finally, there are the external forces to take into consideration. Do you live in an area close to the sea where you can expect a lot of corrosion? Or is the air where you live extremely dry? These external factors can all play major roles in what materials you should choose; as certain structural steels rust near the ocean, particular timbers may be easier to ignite in dry areas and areas with highly acidic rain may break down concrete.

So trust us to provide you with the structural steel that will perfectly cater to your particular construction needs. We at Genesis Steel are leaders in steel products and fabrication who never compromise on quality. Contact us today for more details about our excellent products.