Steel products are widely used in the security industry because of the strength and durability of the material. Flat bar can be used for an endless number of applications, one of them being security bars, better known as burglar bars.

Making your own Flat Bar Security Bars

Not all doors and windows in your home will be the same size. It may be a challenge to find pre-made burglar bars or security bars to fit them properly. Having security bars custom made to your requirements may cost a pretty penny. The price of steel bars is not what will make the job expensive – rather the skills and time it takes to turn flat bars into security bars and installing them securely.

If you have the tools and skills necessary for the job, making your own security bars for your home will be a great saving. Flat bar is sold in various thicknesses and long strips. Your steel merchant may also be able to assist you to cut the flat bars to size, but you can quite easily do this yourself with an angle grinder.

Remember to measure the window or door properly before randomly cutting the flat bar to size. Also bear in mind that the windows and doors where you will be installing the security bars will still have to open and close properly.

It is advisable to rather plan everything properly, with scale drawings and the like before cutting the steel bars and welding them together to make burglar bars.

Caring for your Flat Bar Security Bars

Galvanising steel flat bars will also extend the life of your burglar bars. This is especially so if you are installing the flat bar security pieces onto the outside of your home.

Natural elements such as rain, hail and a prolonged exposure to sunlight will not cause any permanent structural damage to the welded flat bars. Rust will also not be a factor if the burglar bars have undergone a galvanised process before being installed.

With the proper planning and care your handmade security bars will last for many, many years and you can rest assured knowing that you are protected with durable, strong flat steel bars that are designed to be virtually indestructible.