Steel most certainly is one of the most unique materials that we utilise in our modern world today. What many people don’t realise though, is that a lot of work goes into specially crafting each of the steel products that are somewhat abundant in industries like construction, steel work and fabrication.

What makes the crafting of steel products so intense is the fact that steel is highly resistant to bending and distorting. How we solve this problem is by heating up the metals, making them more malleable. Unfortunately, this still isn’t enough and we then utilise the high pressures from specialised machines to bend hot steel into particular shapes.

Steel from the mill

The temperatures required to make steel malleable enough to bend are extremely high, causing steel production mills to require very specialised machinery. This machinery is all designed to handle extreme temperatures and pressures; they are manufactured specifically to get steel to the state in which it is malleable so it can be manipulated into desirable forms for high quality products. This includes heating the temperature up to around 1,200°C and applying similarly intense force or pressure on the material.

Steel products fabrication

During the milling process steel will be moulded, bent and transformed into various shapes and sizes, depending on what industry it is being utilised in. This includes common shapes such as flat bars, sheet rolls, universal columns and angles as well as specialised shapes depending on custom-needs. Apart from stocking various steel products we are also fabrication specialists, meaning we can tailor general products to suite specific industry and project needs.

Steel products are also coated with elements and materials to improve their quality as well as the application for which they are being used. These coatings include Zinc Plating, Hot Dip Galvanising and chrome coating.

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