Finding dependable steel suppliers in Gauteng can be tricky. There is a lot of industrial activity in the province, from mining and manufacturing to the explosion of housing in the Johannesburg, Pretoria metropolis and beyond. Subsequently, there are many companies that provide steel, but few customers adequately or thoroughly scrutinize their supplier. It is important to find a supplier that believes in quality and durability, is able toprovide a strong, stable steel product and also keeps up to date. For instance, construction is an industry that undergoeschangessub-annually.

Genesis Steel have set the bar very high in spite of coming on the scene after many other suppliers, in the year 2003.Genesis specialises in hot rolled sheet as well as steel plates, having grown to become an established name in the industry. The company is based in Brakpan and adheres rigidly and proudly to two objectives critical for any and all credible steel suppliers in Gauteng to succeed. Firstly, quality standards are upheld at the highest level to reassure customers that the steel is entirely reliable and secondly, simply to provide steel efficiently.

The second of these is, if anything, more important than the first. Yes, of-course your steel must be of the right quality, but projects are most often time-critical. Good steel is meaningless on its own, if it causes a month’s wait, while the supplier produces the stock and ships it out to you. When you’re buying steel for industrial or commercial purposes, a steel delay here will likely hold up the entire project as it is an indispensable material, for instance, used at the foundation phase of construction.

The range provided by quality steel suppliers in Gauteng is also important. Many projects have structural and equipment needs that can arise quickly. This can cause serious delays, especially when you’re not a specialist or have a poor supplier. It’s pertinent that your steel supplier has a wide range of stock and can create custom steel items in short order. For instance, Genesis Steel have recently opened a structuralsdivision due to client needs for angles, channels, beams and flat bars. As a result,household, manufacturing and construction markets that ascribe to quality steel suppliers in Gauteng, are well catered for.

Securing qualitysteel suppliers in Gauteng will prove to be of lasting benefit. You should keep in mind their accreditation, delivery speed, range of product and services as well as adaptability. Contact Genesis Steel for reliable product, customized requirements and fast, friendly service. With a storage capacity of 13000sq metres and a reputation for efficiency and quality, we certainly won’t let you down!