A massive amount of steel products end up in our landfills each day, which is such as shame as the majority of steel products we discard can quite easily be recycled. Many people are also not aware of the fact that there are people out there that actually have a business in buying and selling unwanted or scrap steel products. You can actually make money if you sell unwanted pieces of steel such as broken appliances or discarded pieces of steel found in cleared out garages – which is generally called scrap steel or scrap metal.

Scrap steel merchants are not only interested in steel items and will happily purchase other types of steel products such as aluminium, stainless steel and copper. The scrap steel prices they will pay you for your unwanted goods will often differ from one scrap steel merchant to another, so it is best to enquire about these prices before taking your unwanted steel to them. They generally price the steel according to the weight and naturally different types of metals yield different prices.

The steel you sell to these merchants are then generally sold onto larger steel companies that pay a cheaper price because they purchase bigger quantities of scrap steel at a time. These companies then have the steel taken to be smelted into new steel products such as steel plate or even steel angles or flat bars.

When taking your unwanted steel to a scrap merchant, remember you can also negotiate your steel prices with them – if you have a large amount of steel to get rid of, they may offer you more money for your steel. Remember that recycling steel has a number of benefits as it helps to conserve a vast amount of natural resources such as coal and energy. Recycling steel also emits far less pollution into the atmosphere when compared to making steel from scratch.