Due to the South African economy and steel prices almost constantly changing, it’s sometimes hard to plan an exact budget for the year. It’s also critical to partner with a steel supplier that remains at the forefront of the industry and only offers high quality steel products, from beams, to steel plates to angles and much more. There is one constant though that will always help both steel merchants and yourself, directly or indirectly. Recycling old, used or redundant steel can partly subsidise your steel expenditure, while also representing a valuable act of corporate social responsibility. Some reputed suppliers endorse this very strongly!

The public remains receptive to companies that are committed to eco-friendly and genuine corporate social responsibility, plus this is definitely one way for steel merchants and steel buyers to “Go Green”. By promoting the healthy and environmentally friendly habit of recycling, suppliers show clients and the public at large exactly how serious they are about doing their bit to encourage responsible handling of redundant and waste steel products, in order to promote a safer, healthier environment. The positive spinoff for steel merchants is that more consumers will prefer steel and gladly utilise greater quantities, in the knowledge that recycling is encouraged and the industry is proving to be environmentally responsible.

With the astounding advancements in steel technology and metallurgy we can now recycle steel better and more effectively and efficiently than ever before! With the constant evolutions of our society and construction techniques, we are seeing more and more steel being recycled back into the system to be reused for ‘bigger and better’ projects. Of-course you still need a reputable supplier of steel to perform fabrication, cutting, drilling and other modifications requiring precision methodologies.

By recycling redundant or waste steel, not only will we save money on this valuable metal, but we will also decrease the amount of harm that it does to the environment. The factories used to produce steel, although very necessary and valuable to the human race, pump out a lot of greenhouse gasses. These are usually regarded as the main cause of environmental harm in the industry, but we must also remember landfills. Recycling used steel helps reduce the size of these and lower the negative environmental impact.

So by recycling you can also do your part in keeping the air we breathe clean, reducing our environmental impact and enjoying the benefits of successful corporate social responsibility. For expert advice and professional help, contact Genesis Steel – Steel merchants who care about our planet! Call today to find out about our comprehensive range of services and steel products.