Although the world of steel has come a long way since we first started forging the durable metal, it may come as a surprise to many how rudimental the process still is. However, the difference nowadays is that we have very sophisticated machines that assist us in crafting the perfect steel bars consistently and in the shortest time possible. This includes flat bars and various other shapes depending on the intended use. Nevertheless, the fundamentals still involve basically whittling steel away from a stock bar to obtain the finished result, similar to how you would saw a plank.

The basics

Steel is rolled or extruded from its basic raw form into stock bars – large tubular chunks of steel. The reason for rolling and extruding the metal into this shape is to try and remove all of the air from the steel. Through rolling and extrusion, the air is pushed out so as to ensure that there are no weak, thin or fragile parts in the steel bars. From here the stock bars are whittled away by machines and shaped into usable steel bars that are expertly crafted and efficiently produced into flat bars among others.


Before rolling and extrusion, however, manufacturers can add various elements like nickel, chromium and manganese into the steel to produce alloys. These range according to how much of each element is integrated and results in various commonly-used alloys such as stainless steel, hardened steel and specifically treated steels for unique applications.

Various shapes and sizes

Stock bars can come in all sorts of shapes, widths and lengths, according to the type of steel bars needed, although some such as flat bars are far more predominant than others. For this reason most of the common sizes are easy to find, since suppliers are happy to keep stock of what they know will sell. Other more obscure-sized steel bars usually need to be ordered in advance, but if you are dealing with a credible supplier, they should be able to easily assist you with you tailored requirements.

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