A copious amount of steel is used daily in the construction industry, especially in large metropolitan areas, such as Gauteng where the demand for high rise office or residential buildings, shopping centres and sound road infrastructures are essential. Steel suppliers in Gauteng have the added advantage of being in close proximity to the bustling metropolitan and are therefore able to supply steel products quickly and easily to these areas without delay.

In order to keep up with the demand, steel suppliers in Gauteng stock a vast amount of steel products that are used daily in the construction industry. High rise buildings use a number of pre fabricated steel products to create the essential framework needed for constructions of this nature. The steel products used for the framework of high rise buildings include beams, columns, angles, flat bars, channels, angles and so forth. These steel products are supplied to the construction industry in various sizes and grades.

Building with structural steel is one of the most cost effective methods of construction, therefore steel suppliers in the Gauteng area highly sought after. Structures built out of steel are also known to be safer than those made of bricks and concrete alone. Steel structures are also able to withstand damage caused by fire and other elements better than other construction materials.

Buildings created with structural steel also offer more flexibility in terms of the building’s design. Structural steel often needs little or no reinforcement allowing architects to make use of the steels natural aesthetic appeal in the design of the building.

Steel is an essential commodity – not only in the construction industry in Gauteng and the world, but to our daily lives. The next time you are in a high rise building or a shopping centre, take a minute to observe the structural steel elements of the building as these structural elements were probably supplied to a construction company by a reputable steel supplier in Gauteng.