Steel products are used everywhere in our modern age. From skyscrapers to dishwashers, almost every person on our planet comes into contact with steel products on a daily basis. Although we use various types of steel, these helpful ‘snippets’ of information that follow, can be used basically for any type of steel products used in most applications.


Rust is the all too common enemy of steel products. It happens when iron comes into contact with moisture in the air. This moisture is unavoidable as it is a natural occurrence, but can especially cause harsh damage to steel parts and structures in cities and towns located along coastlines. When iron is exposed to air, a thin iron oxide film develops on it. The moisture in the air then creates a small electric current between the iron and the oxide and forms Iron(III) Oxide, or rust as we know it.


Certain metals work well with other metals, but some metals can cause serious damage when direct contact is made with each other. A great example of this is how galvanised steel products are compatible with zinc and aluminium, but are not compatible with zinc and aluminium that are coated with pre-coloured steel. These incompatible combinations of metals can cause damage to each other and can subsequently be dangerous when used in construction or mechanical appliances.

Incompatible Metal Run-off

The compatibility of steel products is perhaps more intense than many may realise. Often, even if incompatible metals aren’t in direct contact with each other, rain can carry harmful particles off of one surface to damage another. For this reason you need to take careful consideration of how rain may flow along surfaces, and which surfaces it will come into contact with.


Condensation occurs on steel products where the air on two opposing sides of a material is of different temperatures. In places like roofs or near electronics this can be even more dangerous. Condensation is dangerous because it hastens the rust process but can also leak to a different point and create further complications, such as electrical short-circuits or material instability.

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